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 County Board Expences imosed on Clubs

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PostSubject: County Board Expences imosed on Clubs   Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:50 pm

Our club had a meeting last night and we were read out a list of expences which are being incurred by the CB and their county teams. Apparantly they are paying €15,000 for training facilities. Could this be right?
Gear and equipment is also costing €15,000. And then theres an extra figure of €50,000 under the heading of County Teams. Basically these county teams are costing the CB €80,000 and we - the clubs are being expected to pick up the tab for most of this. How can that be?
Is it too much to expect the CB to organise and run their own fundraisers? One of the options they are proposing to impose on the clubs is to add an extre €5 registration on EVERY player in the county.
Does anybody else think that this is out of order - the ordinary club players being expected to pay for free gear and training for county teams?

Our delegate was asked if these expences were outlined when the new managers were ratified, but she said they werent. It really is hard to believe that in this current economic state, where clubs are struggling to make ends meet, that this CB would expect us to foot their bills.

I'd be interested to hear other clubs thoughts on this matter.

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PostSubject: Re: County Board Expences imosed on Clubs   Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:24 am

Well , the GAA charged them 10,000 last year for pretty limited use of Hawkfield and Pipers Hill has to be paid for as well !!!!!

Oh for the days when clubs gave their facilities FREE !!!!

As for imposing: I read some proposals which gave some options & invited ideas and who comprise the CB ?

Now the costs do seem a bit much but being outside the tent I dont know the full story.
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County Board Expences imosed on Clubs
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