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 NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016

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PostSubject: Re: NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016   Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:13 pm

Best selections available to my mind, and wholehearted players both. Comments about "serious winning attitude" don't really gel with me though when I think of 5 and 7 goal hammerings last summer (albeit Kelly wasn't on the field for much of it). That's not to pick on these 2 lads but perhaps we don't measure our players against the highest standards. The Kildare team collectively have not shown a "serious winning attitude" since around 2010/11 and that's the biggest thing I hope Cian O'Neill can bring to it this year, other than a structure of playing that suits the players available.
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Dinny Breen

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PostSubject: Re: NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016   Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:17 pm

Personally I would love to see a "hate to lose attitude" everyone loves to win but a lot of our lads just gave up too easily last summer.
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016   Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:45 pm

We did have a serious winning attitude in 2010/11 but dont forget how easily we lost it in 2012 and a took a few beatings of Meath and Cork. A lot of that was the manager allowing the squad to go stale and not bringing in new players. To his credit he did that the next year.
Ryan on the other hand was completely out of his depth in Kildare and has to take responsibility for the steep decline in our fortunes.
It is possible for a player like Eoin Doyle to have a winning/hate to lose attitude and still be overrun by a wave of players running at him. It happened to Glen Ryan often enough and it only changed in 98 when players around him like Finn and Rainbow stopped being nice and developed a hard edge.
Doyle will be a good captain but unless we learn from the past and everyone adopts his attitude then we wont go far. However I think our new manager is a big plus for us this year and Div 3 gives us a little more leeway to make progress slowly.
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016   

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NFL Div 3 Squad and Matches 2016
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