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 Who gets to use this?

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PostSubject: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:12 am

Just saw this on RTE online:

Doesn't really say what the purpose of this facility is?

“The facilities on offer to the wider GAA family here rank alongside the best anywhere and great credit is due to all who have been involved from the inception of the project right through to its delivery.
“The real benefits of this development will come to be seen in the months and years ahead as the centre caters for teams of all types, fostering a sharing of best practice that will enhance our games and the experience of those who play and coach them.”

I don't know, maybe I bot cynical in my old age, but it is built in Dublin so I wonder will Dublin get the benefit of this more than any other county?? I would have thought most counties have their own center of excellence now? Maybe I am wrong though..
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:19 am

Kildare, Meath, Louth have training grounds, Offaly building one and i cant see many counties paying for a bus to bring a team training but I'm sure Dublin will help them out by using it.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:23 am

I think we all know who it's for. Only in the GAA can the county with all the advantages be built their own training ground with others money.

But they will tell you anyone can use it, blah blah blah.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:24 am

Dublin. Shall be moving training from DCU to there I think. Another example of the rest of the country funding the GAA's golden boys. Basically we all footed the bill, then the GAA gave Dublin 2m to pay the rent.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:19 am

What a waste of money.. national facility my blx.
It'll be used by the dubs and for dublin club matches.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:20 am

Lads, the fact is the rest of Leinster take Dublin's dominance lying down. The resistance is pitiful.

Are the counties really making an issue of funding, or the fact Dublin play all their championship games at home? (Playing one game in a neutral venue this summer is a lame tokenistic gesture.)

We saw at the weekend, Dublin have the outstanding U21 forward in the country, who will most likely not get anywhere near their starting lineup this summer. If things continue as they are, they are guaranteed to dominate the next decade as they have to last.

I'd love to say I see a real effort in the rest of Leinster to tackle this, but administratively and on the field of play, there's nothing. It's embarrassing.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:04 am

Bit of politics at play here all the same.

Pretty much every sport (with the exception of rowing and possibly rugby) will be moving out to the national campus over the next few years. Even the IABA have a few rings and dedicated training rooms set up in the Institute of Sport out there on top of the national stadium on the southside.

Of course the €12 million might have been better spent were it divided among 31 other counties to pay for development coaches or to fund county specific training centres. But getting into bed with the sports council could do the GAA a lot of good further down the line.

Yeah it'll be used by Dublin teams, college teams will probably make use of it as well. It's better than having it left idle I suppose.

You can argue for or against having every sport HQ and high performance unit located in one area, but all roads, buses and trains literally seem to lead to Dublin, but for the GAA it's good PR to be out there, it keeps them onside with the sports council and government - we mightn't see it ourselves when it comes to grants etc but at least it might mean money going to the GAA that would have been going elsewhere had they not played ball on this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Who gets to use this?   

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Who gets to use this?
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