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 Leinster Final 2017

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PostSubject: Re: Leinster Final 2017   Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:57 am

JohnnyC wrote:
Cian O'Donoghue and Mark Hyland were on the bench on Sunday. Shea Ryan and Liam Healy are on the panel as well. Fergal Conway could also play as a half back.

We've benefited from having a settled team all season and I suppose the downside of that is that a lot of the fringe players haven't had much game time and are mostly untested.
liam Healy not on Panel anymore
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PostSubject: Re: Leinster Final 2017   Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:12 am

Warning re watching game: Dublin goals and Flynn miss are painful, like being stabbed.
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PostSubject: Re: Leinster Final 2017   Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:30 pm

murof wrote:
Maybe try Moolick full forward against different opposition? He won that early ball very easily and had it been on his other foot I've no doubt he would have buried it. He has a good goal scoring record for a midfielder and even if he alternated between midfield and full forward during games it could give us a different attacking dimension to our running game approach.
I know I keep harping on about it but who are our defenders to come in other than Kelly and Bolton?  

That's a tactic that's been deployed for a few years now, Moolick sneaking in - it's easily done nowadays with people funnelling back naturally. He is actually a good finisher usually but just on the turn off his left, he fluffed it - bit of panic but the Jamie Clarkes, James O'Donoghues, Bernard Brogans of this world are rare.

As for Feely, I don't think he's doing anything that is a surprise but it must be joyous to see a man in a Kildare jersey with such talents. There were people critical of him here last year and I wasn't alone on calling them on it - he was having his first season at senior football in four years, and that was as a midfielder at inter-county level. It was bananas stuff. He did well and was always going to improve. The reason why he I thought he would definitely make it -
something I wouldn't normally say about any underage talent - is his temperament - there were a few examples during the famous minor trilogy v Dublin alone.

Add to that now the professional experience and mindset, and the fact that he gave up the possibility of making a living from soccer, to play football - he was always going to go at it hard. He wears his heart on his sleeve, you are never doubting how much setbacks or frees against him or the cards (and he IS picking up too many of them) upset him. And yet in possession, he's ice. Penalties in the last minute, ice. Frees, ice. Won't get it all right but is comfortable in the heat, or, maybe more accurately, doesn't combust in it.

For what it's worth, I saw him first in The Heath for Árdscoil against Knockbeg, who had Donie Kingston playing - he was already a Laois senior by then, but Feely stood out a mile. I had never been as impressed by a player at that age - have never been since. Have seen plenty that scored more and beat more players and got more plaudits - even in the same team - but they were not the same.

The exciting part is he could and should improve again although there will be more challenges next year, and maybe even from now on, now that the secret is out. That's when a player proves himself, can he do it when he becomes a marked man. I believe this guy can.

I would fully expect that there would be no hangover from Sunday. They have emerged with credit, know they can trouble the best and weren't embarrassed. The wider public really taking notice now - that brings its own issues but let's face it, hype is nothing new to a Kildare footballer. The excitement was even a bit overdone for my liking after Meath, though not in terms of celebrating beating an enemy - that was completely understandable and right - but some thought Dublin were there for the taking, had their eyes off the ball, were losing the plot - reality bit but not as harshly as might have been the case. And there's the other thing, this young, developing outfit fought all the way to the end, they didn't fold. Playing out of your comfort zone, at a higher level, you make mistakes. The more often you play there, the more comfortable you get. And you take those chances with more pressure on, with less time - Division 1 will be really helpful in that regard and finishing third last will ensure another season that will be helpful - maybe, in hindsight, the lack of that experience cost Geezer's squad in 2009-2011.

Speaking of which, Armagh will be no pushovers, they have a very good and mobile midfield, and plenty players capable of kicking scores. They also have a very high workrate from the front and beating Tipp, even a weakened Tipp, should not be underestimated. Neither should the release of the pressure valve around the set-up now that they've gotten that. They have done enough probably this year to represent progress after a tough two years. And they certainly will not fear Kildare.

It is an interesting dynamic, given that Geezer gave so many of this Kildare team their heads. If Kildare are at full strength or near it they should win but I am always worried about them defensively and there is enough evidence, not just from Dublin, who are the creme de la creme, but Meath, Laois and the League to confirm this worry. Too many one-on-ones, some great last-ditch interventions but you're dicing with the percentages when you're relying on last-ditch interventions, last-man tackles. But I would be very hopeful that Kildare can rack up a big score unless Geezer changes tactics for this one and goes ultra defensive. But that would be going against the progression they have made in their style of play this year. It could be a real cracker if they both go at it but particularly if Feely is available - I would absolutely look to try to have him available and not wait for next game it is a very low percentage call and would look idiotic if watching the quarters on TV - Kildare should be too strong.

PS: Presume Conway will move back, unlikely that Emmet Bolton stars? Or maybe he would fill Conway's current role?
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PostSubject: Re: Leinster Final 2017   Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:21 pm

HauntedGraffiti wrote:
Warning re watching game: Dublin goals and Flynn miss are painful, like being stabbed.

After re-watching the game yesterday it's amazing how bad we were for the period after we got our 1st score in the 1st minute and our second around the 20th minute mark.

Not only conceding the 2 goals with extremely naive defending but also our work in possession was awful. 19 minutes of simple kick passes over the sideline, scuffed shots at goal,  running the ball into traffic, running the ball over the endline, handpassing to nobody. In fact, even our 2nd point was a scuffed kick for a point that McNally did well to salvage.

In some ways that’s really disappointing but in another way it gives hope for what we could be like if we cut out that sloppiness because for the rest of the game we were going toe to toe with Dublin and causing them a lot of problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Leinster Final 2017   

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Leinster Final 2017
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