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 Where to from here?

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PostSubject: Where to from here?   Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:26 pm

I think its fair to say, after all the hopping and trotting over the last 3 years, that this has been a spectacularly disasterous period for the games in Kildare.

A manager who promised the sun moon and starrs and delivered nothing. Who succeeded in alienating God knows how many players in the county. Who has an awful reputation amongst managers of other counties and people close to the game. And who failed to develop any new talent and left a panel of players behind to face the relegation playoffs alone.

ON the club scene, I dont thnk Ive seen things as bad for a long time. The refereeing in this county is an absolute disgrace. I have seen a large amount of games accross a section of divisions and the officiating leaves a lot to be desired. Many of these games are divided between a handful of 'favourite' referees who the organisers in this county are putting forward as intercounty standard.

Countyboard meetings started off nice and fresh but swiftly returned to the chaos they always were. Officials not knowing rules, tripping each other up and basically each officer just looking out for his own club.

How are the games in Kildare going to inporve or even survive the grasp of these people who so very clearly do not have any long term vision? How are they going to improve the running of competitions in the county to ensure all clubs get treated equally not just the Leixlips, Confeys and Balyna;s of this world? And most importantly, how will the refereeing situation be improved to ensure our young players develop and that we do not end up with some serious injuries?

Anybody any ideas?
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Where to from here?
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