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 Forum Charter 13/09/2011

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PostSubject: Forum Charter 13/09/2011   Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:43 pm

General Posting Guidelines

Please navigate around the forums before starting a new thread. Use the search function if you think something may have been posted before.
Before you post a thread, consider the following:
- Is what I'm about to post relevant, coherent and funny or in any way interesting?
- Does it add to the forum or is it another thread which is taking up space?
- Has it been posted before?
- Is it suitable for this forum?
Your threads and posts should be well thought out and coherent. There is no need for txt/leet speak or excessive punctuation, or smileys. If in doubt, use a spell checker before you post. Meaningful threads add to the forum
Always try to stay on-topic and contribute to a thread. Moderators are also there to help you if you have any issues or if you have any queries.

This is a GAA Forum.

Absolutely no personal posts about players or officials private lives.

Also any over the top criticism will not be tolerated. And will be dealt with.

Maintain a friendly tone and be respectful when posting topics or replying to threads in every post you make.

No text speak, there are more then 160 characters available here so there is no reason to use it.

Please try to watch spelling and grammar as well as using paragraphs. Simple things like this make it a lot easier to read posts.

Please refrain from using all CAPITAL LETTERS, this is the Internet equivalent of shouting and can make posts difficult to read.

Bad language is unacceptable. This board is for discussion, not hurling abuse at others and it does nothing to promote an active discussion. No flaming, trolling or personal abuse. By anyone. First offence will result in a warning. Subsequent offences may result in bans or outright permanent bans. Posts containing offensive material will be edited by the moderators once we have them in place.

No personal attacks.
Debate the post, not the poster. Personal attacks are taken seriously and will be dealt with using whatever action is needed. If you think you are being attacked you should ask yourself why it is an attack. If it simply disagrees with your post and tells you that you are wrong, this is not an attack. Violent personal attacks and threats will result in a suspension or permanent banning, depending on the situation.

"Your post is idiotic." - Not a personal attack.
"You are an idiot." - Mild personal attack, generally not a problem but try to avoid it.
"You are a <list of expletives>" - Strong personal attack. Your post will be removed and you may be banned from the site.
"You are a ******** idiot... I wish death on you and a pox on your family!" - Violent personal attack. You will be banned from the site and have all offending posts removed.

Let's try to treat our fellow forum members with respect please!

Moderator decisions pertaining to the forum are final.
When a moderator or administrator makes a decision this choice is not up for public debate. If you have a problem with the choice made, PM or email that moderator or an administrator. If you create a post to question this choice chances are that post will be locked and you will be issued a warning.

Flaming a moderator for a decision publicly will most likely result in a warning or suspension, depending on the seriousness. Remember, flaming does not mean questioning!

This rule only applies to decisions involving moderation. Moderators participating in the thread do not have the final say and are considered normal members when posting. Argue and debate with them all you want.

Accusations, Speculation and Rumours
While many posters think they are ‘in-the-know’, do NOT post any wild accusations about any GAA players or officials unless you provide an online source/link to back up your claim. This is a bannable offence and Admin will edit or delete said posts until a source has been given.

Any club wishing to advertise fundraising events are more than welcome to do so.
However all other forms of advertising including spam is not permitted and will be deleted, not locked.

No pornography.
This includes but may not be limited to pornography, sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. This covers ASCII porn, /cyber logs, and links to pornography. This includes poster avatars and signatures.

Do not bump old posts without good reason.
If you're bumping an old post for a good reason (information was requested or the topic came up again) that is fine. If you are bumping an old post for no reason or simply to be funny, you are looking at a warning.

Watch your language.
Self-explanatory. If you're not sure whether the swearing you're about to do violates this rule, just assume it does. Profanity includes the most minor to the most vulgar. Modification of curse words also isn't allowed and those attempting to do so will be warned and/or banned.

No hate speech.
Anyone that insults people based on their race, gender, sex, sexual preference, religion, culture, or country of origin, or threatens them explicitly or implicitly is not allowed and may result in an immediate ban. This includes both fellow forum members and your fellow human beings in general.

User names and avatars.
Your avatar or user name may not contain explicit sexual images or links to porn or warez. If a moderator or administrator feels an image is inappropriate even though it may not fall under the above restrictions, it may be removed. Recreating an avatar after it is removed will result in either a warning or suspension.
Multiple accounts from the same user is not permitted. This may result in one or all of the accounts being deleted.

Although the administrators and moderators of will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author only and the owner or Administrators of will in no way be held responsible for the content of any message.
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Forum Charter 13/09/2011
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